class clifford.cga.CGA(layout_orig)[source]

Conformal Geometric Algebra

conformalizes the layout_orig, and provides several methods and for objects/operators

Parameters:layout_orig ([clifford.Layout, int]) – a layout for the base geometric algebra which is conformalized if given as an int, then generates a euclidean space of given dimension


>>> from clifford import Cl
>>> from clifford.cga import CGA
>>> g3,blades  = Cl(3)
>>> g3c = CGA(g3)
>>> g3c = CGA(3)


__init__ Initialize self.
base_vector random vector in the lower(original) space
dilation see Dilation
flat see Flat
null_vector generates random null vector if x is None, or returns a null vector from base vector x, if x^self.I_base ==0 returns x,
rotation see Rotation
round see Round
straight_up place a vector from layout_orig into this CGA, without up()
translation see Translation
transversion see Transversion