class clifford.cga.Flat(cga, *args)[source]

A line, plane, or hyperplane.

Typically constructed as method of existing cga, like cga.flat()

multivector is accessable by mv property

  • cga (CGA) – the cga object
  • args ([int, Multivector,Multivectors]) –
    • if nothing supplied, generate a flat of highest dimension
    • int: dimension of flat (2=line, 3=plane, etc)
    • Multivector : can be * existing Multivector representing the Flat * vectors on the flat


>>> cga.flat()               # from None
>>> cga.flat(2)              # from dim of space
>>> cga.flat(e1,e2)          # from points
>>> cga.flat(cga.flat().mv)  # from existing multivector


__init__ Initialize self.
inverted inverted version of this thing.
involuted inverted version of this thing.