clifford (clifford)

The Main Module. Provides two classes, Layout and MultiVector, and several helper functions to implement the algebras.


MultiVector(layout[, value, string]) An element of the algebra
Layout(sig, bladeTupList[, firstIdx, names]) Layout stores information regarding the geometric algebra itself and the internal representation of multivectors.
Frame A frame of vectors


Cl([p, q, sig, names, firstIdx, mvClass]) Returns a Layout and basis blades for the geometric algebra Cl_p,q.
conformalize(layout[, added_sig]) Conformalize a Geometric Algebra
grade_obj(objin[, threshold]) Returns the modal grade of a multivector
bases(layout[, mvClass, grades]) Returns a dictionary mapping basis element names to their MultiVector instances, optionally for specific grades
randomMV(layout[, min, max, grades, …]) n Random MultiVectors with given layout.
pretty([precision]) Makes repr(M) default to pretty-print.
ugly() Makes repr(M) default to eval-able representation.
eps([newEps]) Get/Set the epsilon for float comparisons.