Source code for clifford._settings

Global settings used through clifford.

# private names for internal use within clifford

_eps = 1e-12            # float epsilon for float comparisons
_pretty = True          # pretty-print global
_print_precision = 5    # pretty printing precision on floats

# public accessor functions to get and set the settings

[docs]def pretty(precision=None): """Makes ``repr(MultiVector)`` default to pretty-print. `precision` arg can be used to set the printed precision. Parameters ----------- precision : int number of sig figs to print past decimal Examples ---------- >>> pretty(5) """ global _pretty _pretty = True if precision is not None: print_precision(precision)
[docs]def ugly(): """ Makes ``repr(MultiVector)`` default to eval-able representation. """ global _pretty _pretty = False
[docs]def eps(newEps=None): """ Get/Set the epsilon for float comparisons. """ global _eps if newEps is not None: _eps = newEps return _eps