class clifford.cga.Transversion(cga, *args)[source]

A Transversion

A transversion is a combination of an inversion-translation-inversion, or in other words an inverted translation operator. This inherits from Translation

Can be constructed from a vector in base space or a null vector, or nothing.

Parameters:args ([none, clifford.Multivector]) –

if none, a random transversion will be generated several types of Multivectors can be used:

  • base vector - vector in base space
  • null vector
  • existing transversion rotor


>>> K = cga.transversion()       # from None
>>> K = cga.transversion(e1+e2)  # from base vector
>>> K = cga.transversion(cga.up(e1+e2)) # from null vector
>>> K = cga.transversion(  # from existing translation rotor


__init__ Initialize self.
inverted inverted version of this thing.
involuted inverted version of this thing.