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Algorithms and tools of various kinds.

Tools for specific ga’s

g3 Tools for 3DGA (g3)
g3c Tools for 3DCGA (g3c)

Determining Rotors From Frame Pairs or Orthogonal Matrices

Given two frames that are related by a orthogonal transform, we seek a rotor which enacts the transform. Details of the mathematics and psuedo-code used the create the algorithms below can be found at Allan Cortzen’s website.

There are also some helper functions which can be used to translate matrices into GA frames, so an orthogonal (or complex unitary ) matrix can be directly translated into a Verser.

orthoFrames2Verser(B[, A, delta, eps, det, …]) Determines verser for two frames related by an orthogonal transform
orthoMat2Verser(A[, eps, layout, is_complex]) Translates an orthogonal (or unitary) matrix to a Verser
mat2Frame(A[, layout, is_complex]) Translates a (possibly complex) matrix into a real vector frame